If you work for the bad guys, quit your fucking job today.



Let me tell you. In fact, let MB tell you:


A year and a half ago I accidentally got a job in corporate branding, for the oil and gas industry. Yeah, I know, bad fucking idea. It’s been a hell ride and about 3 months ago I started to realise that I was actively making the world a worse place, doing something that basically defies all my principles and everything I believe in. I knew it was time to quit being a corporate asshole but it’s hard to decide to cut your losses and face up to the facts. I’ve been trying to quit ever since.

Then someone sent me a link to your adblock post. It flipped my switch. I kept clicking and I got to this

Just fucking do it.

Tomorrow may be too late. And even if it’s not too late, you’re going to be older and have less energy to get it done. Just… stop fucking about and get on it, k? Deal? Good! OK, now go! You rock! Make it fucking happen!

It was the final straw, the straw through which to take a fucking big gulp of ballsy and tell them to shove their shitty job up their stinking holes.

Which I did. Yesterday.

If it wasn’t for your site it might have taken a lot longer.

I’m scared now, but at least I don’t smoke heavily and cycle recklessly because I find my working day so bleak I risk getting dead instead of having to do this job anymore.
Instead of slow suicide I’m taking three months out of my shitty life to finish my novel which is about how advertising ruined everything. It’s an autobiographical account of my slow and steady decline to the dark side. It’s going to be hilarious.

I thought I should get in touch and give credit where it’s due.

Here’s to you and good fucking ideas everywhere.

Best regards


Fuck yeah! High five, world!

Do you know anyone with a shitty, stupid, immoral, regressive, time-wasting job which holds back not only their progress as individuals, but also our progress as a civilisation? Send them this letter today.