Turn off the fucking advertising.

Being surrounded by adverts telling you what you want and how you should be is not very fucking healthy. Even if you think you don’t notice them, they’re there, sowing their GM seeds into your wildflower pasture and before you know it BAM!! You’ve only gone and bought a fucking iPad you never knew you wanted NEEDED!

When you’re browsing the internet you can stop this. All ads. Those ones on facebook which get bigger and bigger with every redesign; the ones in your email; the flashy crap selling ringtones – all blissfully removed. And because you’re not loading all that fucking incessant bullshit, the page loads faster. And because you’re not bombarded by it all, you’re more focused, happier in yourself, and probably richer.

So what are you fucking waiting for? You’re at a computer, you can install AdBlock for your browser right now (Firefox | Chrome) and declare that your week has already been a triumph.

With thanks to the cybrarian.