Fracking is powered by 98% of Britons. (NOT the other way around.)

In Britain, 98% of us buy their energy from just six energy suppliers. We think that must be right, because.. well because 98% of us are doing it. We’re wrong.

Do you buy energy from British Gas, E.on, SSE, EDF, NPower, or Scottish Power?

If you do – and forgive me, there’s no way to sugar-coat this – you are funding fracking. Which is to say your money is polluting water supplies and aquifers, destroying landscapes, and making a few people rich. Meanwhile, and more importantly, it’s NOT being invested in renewable energy supplies. Any fracked gas WILL run out before you die. The sun / wind / rain / tides will be here for another 4+ billion years.

Here’s a site which helps you switch. It takes only 3 minutes and you don’t need meter readings or account numbers.