333 years. That’s how long we’d have to run Comic Relief to pay for ONE nuclear submarine. Government irresponsibility is not funny.

I’m ashamed of myself. Yesterday I gave money to Comic Relief.

I should stick to my principles more closely, because we must stop letting these political morons off the hook.

It seems there’s always PLENTY of money for stupid fucked up stuff like HS2, Trident, wars, and running races, but when it comes to actually running a civil society – which is, let’s not forget, the whole fucking point of Government – it seems that whoops! the purse is empty.

And saps lap it up and feel good for giving to charity. NO NO NO. We should feel shit that we HAVE to give to charity because those pompous short-sighted ideological bastards have fucked it up AGAIN.

There’s a budget coming up this week. Might I ask that we storm Parliament and put some heads on spikes?