Ask the right fucking question.

Today’s thoughts come to you today in the shape of a short play set in a restaurant.

It is a thinly veiled analogy about being giving a vote on the EU, and teaches us important lessons that some choice is no choice at all, and that whilst it’s possible for everyone to be at the same table together enjoying different meals, you’re fucked if you have an idiot for a waiter.

Waiter: “Hello, may I take your order?”

You: “Yes, I’ll start with soup, then chicken with new potatoes – not mash, then apple pie, please.”

Waiter: “I’m afraid not sir. It’s either LOTS OF DINNER or NO DINNER.”

You: “Well I’m hungry, so hugely-fucking-reluctantly I’ll have LOTS OF DINNER.”

Waiter: “Thank you.”

You: “And fuck EU, too.”