Follow your God, not his* leaders.

God doesn’t lie to you. Religious leaders do.

They also fuck children, promote spreading AIDS, ask for money from the poor (then embezzle it), ask you to kill each other, spread division, keep birth-rates high, and ooooh so much other shit that people so often do when they get powerful.

If you align yourself with them, you are their power-base. Without you they are the ranting, paedo, violent people we typically try to help or incarcerate.

God is everywhere, all the time, and guides you with the wisdom of eternity. Listen closely to him* directly, and take care of all his* works.

Amen / allah yusallmak / namaste / deo duce and many others I don’t yet know.

* His / her / its / their as appropriate. God / Gods, too, for that matter.