Rave police.

The London riots are kicking off. The shit is going down and the police are scrambled. They arrive on the scene and block one end of the street with an enormous lorry. Helicopters circle over-head. At the other end of the street the police are armed with lasers and strobe lights. What the fuck is going on? And then it happens. They pull back the canvas sides of the lorry to reveal: THE POLICE RAVE UNIT.

It’s hard not to meet violence with violence, especially if you’re scared, and the adrenaline is pumping. Which is often the way with police turning up at huge events like this. One side is young and full of frustration, the other is young, pumped, and wearing body armour. It’s a horrible accelerant, but it’s hard to think of other options. You need something new to defuse / diffuse the situation. Nothing says “I feel you, bro” like lots of people on E crescendoing in blissed out harmony to a 5 minute Chemical Brothers classic.