I hope you fucking die.

…at least, you know, if you choose to. Like this chap who has locked-in syndrome.

How fucking ballsy is Parliament is make laws telling me I can’t choose the moment of my own death?! Actually you have to hand it to them: they did well sneaking that one through because that’s brazen. Maybe it was a dare, or before people read books. Perhaps it’s from when we were too busy working in fields / pits / extending the empire / dying young anyway to notice they’d done it.

When it comes to your life, who the fuck am I to tell you that you’re not allowed to die? Wow. What a mental idea! That I might have any right at all to suggest to you that you’ve not felt enough pain yet! Who am I to force you to maintain the charade that you might ever recover from this disease? Who the fuck am I to tell you that we’re not done with the tubes and the scrapings and the sores just yet?

Who the fuck am I? I’d like to be the compassionate human being who’ll help you take the brave decision, who’ll help you die with self-control and dignity, who’ll help you opt to die like you’ve lived: boldly, bravely, and against all odds. I’d like to be a member of a society which doesn’t prevent you from doing that, and I despise the current law which makes me complicit in your on-going pain.

I’m sorry.

PS. @TonyNicklinson where do you live, because there’s this truck with dodgy brakes, and this other old chap I know who’s keen to end it all, too.. maybe there’s a win-win here?

PPS. Please sign this petition in an attempt to have the law changed.