Diversity is about more than Gods, sexy bits, and skin colour.

I honestly don’t give a fuck what you do / don’t do with / without a penis; your choice of real / imaginary friend means precious little about your behaviour; and your skin colour is as arbitrary as your hair colour.

What are you attitudes to conformity, benevolence, poverty, tradition, security, power, hedonism, independence, and success?

There ARE organisations in which prejudice is so endemic we want for them to make baby-steps, so let’s keep these facile versions of diversity rolling for their benefit.

But for the rest of us, let’s think a little deeper, because we desperately need social innovation.

Is it important to find the DIVERSITY OF IDEAS which will shatter institutional corruption, or to have someone around the table who’s got breasts AND a penis?

To build peace and prevent wars, do you want ideas from people who can line up to make a pleasing spectrum of skin colours, or people who’ve been lined up to be shot or to shoot?

Is it useful to be working on a solution with someone who uses their sexy bits in ways you would NEVER use yours, or to have someone who knows what it’s like to be so desperate that they make you seriously reconsider your definition of ‘never’?

Cultures are NOT synonymous with attitudes.

What do you think about conformity, benevolence, tradition, security, power, hedonism, independence, and success?

Does it matter where you come from or who you cum with, or where the fuck we’re all going and how we’re going to get there?