It’s not shit, it’s chocolate ice-cream! Lap it up, suckers!

I know it’s easy to hate Murdoch and the tabloid press, and perhaps I stoop too low in continuing to do so; but the simple truth is that they’re a bunch of fucking bastards who have undermined British civilisation, spread discord and hatred, demeaned women, misrepresented news, ridden rough-shod over democracy, and selfishly, wantonly, and reprehensibly fucked with our society for too long.

Yet they’ve been encouraged by the fact that 2,600,000 people lap up this shit every day.

Now it’s one thing to lap up shit when you’ve been hynotised into thinking it’s not shit, or when all those around you say “mmm my this shit is good!”. But when the shit stinks so badly that even the people shitting it out decide to stop in disgust at themselves.. well then maybe it’s time to have a little think.

Now that the smell of shit has subsided a little, here’s comes.. what’s this?! How exciting! Oh my god the Murdoch’s have LAUNCHED CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!! The Sun has come out, it’s warm, and like a fucking GENIUS, they’ve launched CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! This is going to be AMAZING! It’s nothing at all like the old shit! Hmm YUM!!

News International insiders say that the launch of The Sun on Sunday was brought forward because to launch a new paper in the wake of fresh revelations would be virtually impossible.

The Leveson inquiry will [..] reopen old wounds and make a series of startling new allegations relating to widespread bribery of officials for stories. “It is jaw-dropping stuff,” said one legal source familiar with the evidence. “We will see the most sensational developments yet.” A second source claimed the allegations and counterallegations would result in a “bloodbath”.

Revelations will include allegations that a web existed of corrupt public officials who received money from national newspapers, along with details of journalists who, over a period, have paid officials – in one case well into six figures – for stories.

Via The Indepenent