Even if you COULD reach the top of the hamster wheel, what would you do when you got there?

Unfortunately the skill-base is rapidly ensuring that local made stuff will have less quality and higher price than the “cheap and nasty” Chinese counterparts.

It’s a race to the bottom, and in most sectors, the bottom has been hit.

Now that manufacturing is all but dead, and the internet has made retail all but dead, what will everybody do now they’ve been obsoleted? they can’t work a factory, they can’t work retail, they can’t afford to live without a job.

Well done, western world. We’ve all fucked ourselves.

The bulk of this is via Mug Funky who posted it as a comment on this story about retails chains striking back at online vendors. I tried to ask permission to put it here but I couldn’t find a way so gave up. Life’s pretty fucking short, right?