Rank countries by their sustainability, not by their fucking credit rating.

If a country lives beyond its means, S&P gives it a bad credit rating.

There are two observations I’d like to make here.

1) Fund managers behave like a dorm full of teenage girls told a ghost story by a prefect. It’s fucking pathetic. The idea that markets are all wise and should guide our lives is made so much harder to believe when they are skittish and hysterical. Grow up and get a grip.

2) WE ALL LIVE BEYOND OUR FUCKING MEANS, S&P. If you’re going to piss on people’s bonfires, piss on the ones which are burning the house down.

Why rank by credit rating? Have you noticed how quickly that shit changes? Five year boom and bust cycles!

You’re clearly not thinking about long term investments, which means you’re clearly not capable of discerning where I should place my pension fund. Your authority on these matters is of no longer of any account. I hope you had fun whilst it lasted.

Now these guys.. these guys are interesting:  Sustainable Society Index  is what we should be using instead of S&P and their corrupt cohorts. Let’s use a range of sustainability measures, clearly presented, and ranking 151 countries. This is good, this is real. This can tell me where to invest my pension fund.

We’ve come a long way and worked hard. Don’t lose AAA status, humanity.