Crowdfunded assassinations by remote controlled helicopter.

Granted, popping off an Iranian nuclear scientist is a pretty easy and effective way of stopping nuclear progress in Iran, but it’s a pretty lame one. Why kill the poor scientist? If you can toss a magnetic bomb at a car, you can sure as hell fly a drone to zap out the political leadership driving all this madness.

Which gives me an idea…

I know that you’re probably thinking that assassination’s not really on the right side of the ethical line, and makes it hard for us to define as good people and so on. But.. well, fuck that. If some bastard is going to go out there and infiltrate the government and make plans to fuck my planet and my future, well then I see that as a hostile act of sabotage; which opens the way for me to take respond as I see fit, as long as the outcome has less net damage than letting him continue.


Payload-carrying radio-controlled helicopter: £1400
with GPS, camera, and mobile data: £500
and ability send images and receive flight directions over the internet: £100
some grenades: £unknown, but can’t be THAT hard, right?

Then – in simultaneous attacks – fly 10 of these to the houses of the board of Monsanto, just as they leave for work..  Job done + much happier world.

We could crowdfund this shit. It’s accessible as hell. Unfortunately I’m not the guy, because I’ve just gone an voiced it here which makes me somewhat suspicious, but.. you know.. just throwing it out there.

Who knows? Maybe we’d only need to do one or two before they realised that what they do is so reprehensible it’s prompted this reaction. I doubt it though, so we’d better buy in bulk just in case.

WikiLeaks reveals Monsanto really are a bunch of power-mad crazy fuckers.