Is all we lack a credible sounding -ism?

It’s all ready. The problems are well defined, the range of solutions are well defined. We just need a name. Polyism? Humanism? (taken). Benign capitalism? (too .. incremental). Vacillism (the only thing constant is change). Civilism?

How about just Civic? We’re all civic now.  Overtones of civilisation, historic greatness (Greeks, democracy, whatnot), and it breaks free of having to even have a fucking ism in the first place.  “We are legion, we are civic!” yep.. that sounds good shouted from the barricades.

Yes. We are the future. We are jolly, friendly and nice. But we take no shit, because life is too short for your poncing about saying things “can’t be done because we haven’t got enough money.” Fuck that. We’ll show you by getting together and fixing it ourselves. We’re building a new country, a new play ground, a new way.

We are the civic and life is good.