Give up. It’s not fucking worth it.

If you’re reading this and working at making good things happen: please do not despair (too much). Everyone is behind you and wants you to succeed. Keep at it, because your success is not only what we long for, it’s also inevitable. We need you to keep building the future which DOES work, so that when these pinstripe monkeys fail for the last time, we have a good future to switch over to. Big lovely hug and THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart.

If you’re reading this and you are George Osborne: Fuck you, George Osborne. Fuck you, you short-sighted, ridiculous, twisted, foolish, naive, reckless cunt.

How fucking dare you stand up and tell me that the environment is too expensive to save. How fucking dare you build up our hopes of being green and friendly and then give tax breaks to the bad whilst withdrawing support from the good. How dare you make it harder for us to fix things.

WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR AGENDA? Are you a cock through and through? Or are you just failing to see the bigger picture that WITHOUT A FUNCTIONING ENVIRONMENT, NOTHING HAS VALUE?

Get the fuck out of my sight, George. You fucking disgust me.