Why the fuck am I not striking today?

On the surface this strike is about pensions and money.  But you’re smart enough to see that it’s bigger than that: It’s about the future we want vs the future we fear.

It’s that money now makes is harder to trade, not easier. It’s about shared resources being privatised. It’s about short-termism. It’s about equality of opportunity. It’s about responsibility and justice. It’s about how and why we spend our time working as hard as we do in a world of plenty.

So, yes, striking about the symptoms of a problem is a little tiresome, so skip over that for now and understand the frustration in the background.

The riots, occupy, and the strikes are all connected symptoms of a strongly felt yet poorly articulated and understood malaise.

Be sympathetic, and know you’re on the same side.

(But to answer the question, why am I not striking? Because I’m self-employed and love the fact that my work involves building a better future.)