If we didn’t get raped, we wouldn’t need rape counselling.

All these fuckers in the city who make lots of money then “give something back” really piss me off.

“Well” they say, “where would things be without the philanthropy of the wealthy?”

Well, you patronising self-important bastard, I suspect that everyone would be a lot better off if you hadn’t spent the last 15 years taking money out of the productive economy and ‘investing’ it in perpetuating the very problems you now claim to be working against.

Whilst I am grateful for your Damascene conversion, you’ll forgive me if I suggest that you should leave your millions with someone who knows what a GOOD investment looks like, whilst you go back to your previous employers and lobby for an earnings ratio cap, a world-class  ethical investment policy, and a change in corporate culture which means that we can break this pointless fucking cycle.

To more fully answer the question, we invented Government to take care of things which the market does not, and can not solve. There is no private healthcare system or private police force which does not, at some stage or scale, end up creating a perverse incentive to do social harm.

So lets all work for more fairly distributed wealth, a fairer society, a responsible and appropriately sized government, and fewer opportunities for patronising bastards to pontificate on how it should be.