Make being gay a crime.

Right now, almost 80 countries around the world make it a crime to be gay or lesbian. In 10 of those nations, you can be sentenced to death or life behind bars.

That is so FUCKED UP. Many of my life’s pleasures come from watching endlessly playful lesbians; and the way I see it, having gay guys listen to girls whitter on about their problems whilst not trying to sleep with them is a double-win for me. That this shit is illegal seems to be a huge error of judgement.

So let’s skip over the ethics of one adult telling two other adults their not allowed to touch, because that will just make us all angry.

And here’s a shocker: The majority of these nations are members of the Commonwealth – which is supposed to be about being cultured and nice and on the road to civilisation!

The Commonwealth Heads of Government are having a big shindig this week in Australia and we have the opportunity to ask them to deal with this one. One more box ticked on the Global Harmony to-do list, right?

The Commonwealth is already supports one Queen, so sign this petition and let’s support all of them.

PS. Sorry to gay people everywhere for my crass and pathetic stereotyping, and for the headline, and for the weak queen thing at the end. I started thinking about lesbians too much at the beginning and all the blood rushed away from my brain.