Let’s just make Palenstine a fucking state and move on, can we?

In case you haven’t noticed there are one or two other more important issues which the rest of humanity would like to concentrate on, and we’ve been finding it a hard to do that because there’s always one of you fuckers on the news blowing something up or getting uppity because the other kid stole the bricks from the wall / house / tunnel you’ve been building.

You’re all fucking lucky to be alive. And I’m not referring to the holocaust – even though it is a great reminder why killing people is bad – I’m referring to the fact that this is a beautiful planet full of lovely people.

So here’s the deal: Palestine’s a state. Israel’s a state. We all end up doing dumb things from time to time because we’re scared, upset, and don’t really know what else to do. But let’s have no more blowing shit up or knocking things down and we can put it all behind us and get on with working out how our children can live happily and well, with fresh water and good food, right through the next century. Please?