Human civilisation has only a 50% chance of surviving the next century THAT IS UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE.

Seriously: What. The. FUCK?

I know it’s an “old” quote, but fuck me if it isn’t worth repeating, because I suspect you’re probably living much the same sort of life as when you first heard that.

Now, if you’re doing something brilliant and virtuous and social and civilised and generally befitting 21st century human awesomeness whilst not compounding socio-ecological meltdown: WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN GAMBOLING RABBITS!!

But if you think that what you do probably isn’t really helping improve those odds, then.. well don’t you think you should do something about that? Otherwise what’s the fucking point? You’re sitting there in your job which you keep at because you like making money and being able to pay bills and look after the children / pets / car and you want to be able to buy that house BUT WAIT WAIT WAIT! DUDE, JUST STOP A FUCKING SECOND!!


  1. Someone much much smarter than you has put a lifetime’s reputation on the line saying that human civilisation only has a 50% chance of surviving the next century.
  2. Which means everything you think you’re working for only has a 50% chance of working out.
  3. You are in a job which isn’t helping.
I’m not going to labour the point, but this and this should help.