Demand to eat more fucking GM.

Hurrah! Just when it seemed our society couldn’t be any more broken or our world more fucked, we’re having another completely fucking pointless GM trial!

It turns out some businessmen in lab coats have found out that they can get a GM wheat to repel aphids, which is pretty neat.

What’s really clever is that they’ve taken THE SAME FUCKING TECHNIQUE WHICH WORKS WITHOUT USING ANY GENETIC FUCKING MODIFICATION WHATSOFUCKINGEVER and found a way to do it by tinkering with genes.

The real fucking GENIUS of this is, of course, that they can patent it and make money selling these sterile seeds to farmers so they have to come back and buy more every year.

If they’re lucky, they’ll ‘accidentally’ contaminate the entire fucking ecosystem so that   one day we’ll HAVE to eat GM for every fucking meal. What sociopathic arseholes.

Fortunately the government hasn’t shut down the social networks yet, so you can still scream like fuck during the Government consultation which is running until the 19th August 2011.

Here are some points you might like to include:

  • There is no market for GM wheat – UK citizens and supermarkets have made it pretty fucking clear they don’t want it. So who’s paying you for this, you crooked weasel?
  • How many fucking planets do you think we’ve got, sunshine?
  • There is a risk of cross-contamination with other plants. (They always say there isn’t and inevitably someone finds it happens, then they deny it, then they sue neighbouring farmers for growing a GM crop without a licence.)
  • The inclusion of an antibiotic resistant marker gene may contribute to a rise in resistant infections in humans and animals
  • What about all the animals which eat aphids? Normally there’s a healthy biodiversity and it’s only these big fucking monocultures which have problems of this scale.
  • There are already effective ways to use the ‘aphid alarm’ system using non-GM techniques
  • Who the fuck are you to fuck with my future?
  • Why do you hate ladybirds so much?

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Via The Soil Association