Kill a stupid person.

Fuck it. Apparently we have tried really hard to fix things, and yet the “debt crisis” is still spreading, the world is still warming up, it’s still cheaper to chop down a rainforest than farm trees, and still most people seem to think that working is chiefly about making money.

So as of today, I suggest we declare open-season on the stupid.

It’s a little unfair, because they’re not really stupid, they just choose to be very good at playing a game which demands its players to behave like fucking morons in order to be good at it, and generally the more of a callous fuck you can be, the more points you get.

But playing musical chairs with these fightypunchy spoilt brats is no fun. Killing them seems a bit extreme, but I’m running out of ideas. Maybe we can work as a team and trip them up so they bang their head on the corner of the table? We can make it look like an accident.

Or maybe we can just all decide not to play musical fucking chairs.