If you ever buy the News of the World again, you’re a fucking idiot.

Hacking the voicemail of a missing teenager in order to ‘get a story’ is really about the most depraved and fucking despicable act I’ve heard of. Yet again: fuck you Murdoch, and fuck you everyone who has bought the News of the World and funded this bunch of lying, justice-perverting, misogynist bunch of wide-boy morons.

Britain’s best selling newspaper? Fuck me! What a lot of fucking morons live here.

No matter how much you love looking at breasts, if you ever buy News of the World again everyone will now know that you think this type of behaviour is not only OK, but worth funding. Nice, thanks for that.

For the record, you might also remember that the same organisation owns Sky, The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun, amongst other holdings.