Fuck these greedy strike-mongering fuckers

Not the Greeks or the teachers, you understand, but the fucking selfish, greedy arsehole financiers who caused this whole fucking problem in the first place, and the fuckwitted fucking politicians who did nothing to prevent it even though it was fucking obvious years off.

Imagine if your pay was being cut or your country privatised (it is) because the government decides it wants to subsidise the financial system still further (it does). Fuck that, sunshine! It’s not war for fuck’s sake – it’s just some made up numbers and some over-ambitious ideologies about European harmony which haven’t turned out well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cutting the crap out of stupid stuff and making savings where we can (no NHS cover for anyone who works in advertising, for example); but if this is to be an age of self-imposed austerity then we shouldn’t cut back on the very education which helps prevent the next such fuck up. No, Sir, you cut the bullshit, penalise the bejesus out of the perpetrators, and try to make life make sense again.