ARGH FUCK!! What the fuck are we playing at?

I thought we were all agreed that it’s a fucking bad idea to fuck fish? If so, then what the FUCK is all this? “World’s oceans in ‘shocking’ decline” is NOT a good headline for a Monday. All the top ocean scientists have got together in a room, each of them already having a pretty good idea that the oceans were basically pretty fucked, and concluded that it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAY more fucked than any of them had individually realised.

We humans are beyond hope.

I really fucking despise the fact that I have to live in a world populated by irresponsible fucking idiots who can’t even get it together to work out that ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ is just a stupid fucking phrase to make dumped people feel better, not a motherfucking fisheries policy.

ARGH the rage! But what the fuck are we supposed to do about it? We know all the answers BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING SIMPLE: pay 90% of fisherman to fish out only pollutants, and pay them well; close down anyone putting anything remotely toxic into rivers or directly into sea*; tax aviation fuel at the same rate as UK cars to cut down CO2 emissions; implement the ZeroCarbonBritain plan immediately. And that’s just on day one.

* The next two biggest problems after plastics are agricultural fertilisers and human waste. In the sea, those are two pollutants. On land, human waste is a fucking fertiliser, meaning we’d get rid of one of the problems, and reduce the other. Yet again, the problem is the solution.

Next election can we all agree to vote TO SAVE THE WORLD? Fuck the economy, fuck everything else. Without a healthy planet you have nothing. To paraphrase Clinton, it’s the FUCKING ECOLOGY, stupid.

I want to hurt something.