Don’t use a fucking tumble drier.

Stuff dries on its own. If you hang it out for about 30 minutes in the sun or a few hours indoors in summer, by the time you come back it will be dry. It’s so astonishingly simple and works so elegantly that it’s almost enough to give one faith in a higher power.

So why the fuck would anyone spends a few hundred quid on a tumble drier, and another handful of cash to run the fucking thing?

There’s only one time when it makes sense: if it’s winter, you live in a flat with no outside space, and the drier was free. If this isn’t you, you now have all the encouragement you need to free yourself from the hassle of ownership and ecocide and never use a tumble drier again.

If you find you absolutely MUST use a tumble drier:

  • I’m sorry that you live in a flat with no outside space, and that it’s winter.
  • Try to fit the maximum load in your tumble dryer every time.
  • Use a high spin-speed on your washing machine to get your washing as dry as you can before you start.
  • Clean the lint filter every time you use the tumble dryer. A blocked filter prevents the hot air from circulating freely, so clothes take longer to dry.
  • Make sure the room the dryer is in is well ventilated. This stops the tumble dryer from overheating. If it overheats, it takes longer to finish drying a load.

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