Trains are a fucking public service, not a public fucking service.

We all know that fewer cars on the road is a Good Thing for all sorts of excellent and noble reasons. So instead we take the trains because we’re good people and WE GET ROYALLY FUCKED OVER for our troubles.

Now just what the bloody hell are you playing at, train companies / government? We know you must be very clever people because you can handle all that time-tabling, which would frazzle a normal mind.

So why does it take me to point out that your pricing policies are counter-productive to the common good and really very VERY fucking annoying?

Let me be clear: TRAINS ARE NOT PLANES. You are not a crappy irresponsible budget airline, you are public service. This means you have a responsibility not to fuck your customers in the arse when they use your service.

Increasing fares before improving service is not cool. Increasing the fees nearer the day of travel is not cool (see above: you are not an evil airline, you are a public service.)

Putting a tax on domestic flights would be VERY fucking cool, and could generate enough money to invest in rail without increasing fares. This might help make ‘the greenest government ever’ sound like it has some fucking balls, and be a pretty inspiring move.

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