If you’re going to riot, make it fucking mean something.

Jesus fucking H Christ. A bunch of fucking teenagers with tshirts wrapped around their faces has brought London to a standstill, and for what? To protest at their vapid futures which have been pissed away by generations of short-termism? To insist that their lives have meaning and they demand that politicians and business treat their future with the respect it deserves? To demand that the economy works for the people, and not vice-versa? To reduce the maximum number of working hours so that more people can earn, and yet still have more time to enjoy life? To urge the creation of a new law preventing landlords from owning more than 3 properties? To demand smaller class sizes, funded by scrapping the nuclear weapons programme? To ban domestic flights and increase the sustainable transport solutions for urban areas? For freedom of the internet? Banning genetically modified foods? No? None of that? Not interested?

You fucking amateur bunch of thieving selfish pricks.

Listen, kids: go back home and calm the fuck down, because if you think you’re powerful now, just imagine what you’d be able to do if armed with facts AND bricks. Put those looted TVs and iPads to some use and go and learn about the protests in Spain.

Get organised. Think. Educate. Teach. Talk. Get powerful. Then come back at the same time next year – just before the Olympics – and THEN set up a peaceful but well-defended camp in central London. Then you can hold the world’s attention with a mission worth fighting for.