Share your good fucking ideas.

You’re super-fucking-smart, right? I mean like at least once every few days you think to yourself, “Why the FUCK would they do it like that?” If people consulted you first the world would probably be a lot better, fairer, smoother, smarter, more fun, less profligate, more creative, and about 3 or 4 shades more awesome, right?

Then this is your moment to shine! Today – and from now on – we’d like you to share your good fucking ideas. We’ll take the best ones and sow them out to the world, and maybe, slowly, wonderfully, inexorably things might begin to get better… and better… and better until you can say to your happy, flourishing, tree-swinging grandchildren, “More swings in public places was my good fucking idea, you know.” (But hopefully you can do better than that one, because that was… well.. it has a certain charm to it, and I like it, but … ah what they hell it IS a good fucking idea, and that’s all that counts. MORE SWINGS!!)

So any time you’re stunned by your own inspirational fucking genius you can click the link and share it with us all.