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Maybe together we can ask them to stop trying to undermine the value of the lives we have built so that they and their barrow-boy friends can pedal more mediocre banalities and stuff their already overflowing pockets with just that little bit more cash.

Annual cost per person £142.50 £216 – £582
Revenue £4.8bn £6bn
Original Programming
/ Services
Planet Earth
Top Gear
Question Time
Working Lunch
This Week
Lark Rise to Candleford
The Mighty Boosh
Have I Got News for You
Doctor Who
Today Programme
World Service
Ross Kemp on Gangs/Wars
Mile High
Footballers Wives
BNP Wives
Employess 23,000 13,087

So to recap:

  1. Murdoch makes more money, has lower costs, and makes crappier programmes.
  2. The BBC is owned by the public and run in the public interest, creates plenty of creative employment opportunities, raises the statesman-like esteem of the UK internationally, and costs considerably less.

Sources: BBC HYS, Today Programme, 2 Mar 2010, Yahoo Finance