Refuse to be fucking terrorised.

In a four-year span between 1985 and 1989: Middle Eastern terrorists hijack a U.S. jetliner bound for Italy and hold hostages in secret locations in Lebanon and Syria for two weeks. While this is going on, another group detonates a bomb in a 747 over the North Atlantic, killing more than 300 people. Soon after, terrorists kill 19 people and wound more than a hundred others in coordinated attacks at European airport ticket counters. A few months later, a U.S. airliner is bombed over Greece, killing four passengers. Five months after that, another U.S. airliner is stormed by heavily armed terrorists at the airport in Karachi, killing at least 20 people and wounding 150 more. Two years later a 747 bound for New York is blown up over Europe killing 270 passengers and crew. Nine months from then, a French airliner en route to Paris is bombed over Africa, killing 170 people from 17 countries.

By comparison, it’s been pretty quiet these last 8 years, but the over-reaction has been fucking huge. Refuse to be terrorised.