Be a decent fucking human being.

News today: a plane full of selfish fuckers would rather let a man be dragged off a plane and blame the airline than volunteer to delay their journey by a few hours.

I wonder who else we can blame for stuff tomorrow?

And YES OBVIOUSLY it’s not cool to drag ANYONE off a plane but today 80 Spartacuses chose to huff and tweet than remember that they benefit from the affordable tickets delivered by the overbooking protocol and timely departures.

Fucking twats.

Wait.. it gets worse. How could it be worse? Because before this one chap was dragged off EVERY passenger was offered $800 if they got off the plane and took a later flight. Which means everyone would rather sacrifice $800 and watch this than be part of a decent civilised society.

Fucked up. Totally fucked up.

If I were United Airlines I’d be tempted to kick everyone off never let any of them on one of my flights again.

Apart from that guy. He’d get free flights forever now because those security guards were out of order.