You know how right now you’re waiting for the aliens to arrive and tell us to get our fucking shit together or else?

Maybe we are the aliens. #plotTwist

Seriously though, get on the fucking case. This is on you now. Humanity is (almost) fucking fucked because Drake’s equation is true: most intelligent species fail to adapt their society’s quickly enough to accommodate their technology and end up screwing up their civilisations and never making it beyond the “clever monkey” phase.

If you’re doing something right now that’s not ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RIGHT ON FUCKING POINT then: Stop. Stop. Pause. Wait. Breathe deeply. Okay.

You’re here once. You’re on this planet, doing this thing once. You have one chance not to fuck this up. That just got a LOT harder because some gameshow cunt gamed the shit show that is modern democracy.

Whilst that’d be fucking sweet if it was Elon Musk, it isn’t. It’s some myopic egomaniac who thinks that he can ignore the laws of physics.

So it turns out you’re now needed to do things you never expected to do. You need to work harder, smarter, and more strategically, with more commitment than you ever expected.

And right now that means look at your work: are you doing something useful, brilliantly? If so, carry on, and thank you. If not – if you have one little inkling of doubt that perhaps your job isn’t really helping move civilisation forward then here’s what you need to do:

1. Think of where and how you can be most useful
2. Contact those people and volunteer to help. Make yourself useful.
3. Get offered a job.
4. Quit your current job.

That’d be really, really good.

Feels dramatic, doesn’t it? OF FUCKING COURSE IT DOES. THAT’S WHERE WE’RE AT.