Fuck it. Bomb the bastards.

The attacks in Paris have been pretty galvanising. It really brings home the reality of what a small group of people can do it if they have the zeal and resources. It’s startling to realise that these people think they can come into a free society and so abuse the freedoms we enjoy.. to make us frightened of our fellow humans… that they think that they can solve problems with an ideological violence.. and that we’ll just sit back and accept it!!

Well they’re right. Because we do accept it. More than that, my compatriots fucking VOTED FOR IT.

How fucking hard is it to understand that if you destroy people’s lives they will probably bear a grudge? How fucking hard is it to understand that if you help people with solar power, clean water, education, and healthcare they’ll probably not want to kill you? How fucking hard is it to realise that if we keep fail to develop our own renewable energy we’ll keep buying the oil which funds all this fucking shit?

So after 30 years of being astonished that this shit goes on year after fucking year, I’m done. You know what – crack on. Bomb the fuckers. These single minded puritanical fuckwits WILL NOT STOP until they realise their decisions have consequences.

But, like you, we’re powerless and pissed off, so please don’t bomb us. Bomb the people who we both hate. Bomb Osborne. Bomb Hunt. Bomb May. Bomb Foges. And then together we can be rid of these ass-hats who are fucking it up for everyone.